Online Marketing

Online marketing is more than a presence; it is a strategically designed campaign to set your company apart from your industry competitors. This is where High Converting Media excels in every category we represent. Just as our name suggests, we deliver the invaluable experience and aptitude that allows us to compose the proper approach to your website that appeals to the search engines’ criteria, and allows your company to convert views into revenue.

At High Conversion Media, we keep our client base small, to ensure that we provide a committed approach to your particular industry, instead of trying to be a marketing maverick to everything and everyone. Our knowledgeable professionals have found their online marketing niche in four areas of concentration: Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Real Estate Agent professionals.

Our determined and proficient online marketing strategists are committed to furthering their marketing depth beyond industry standards, by focusing on search engine optimization that works for each of our clients’ expressed needs. We pride ourselves in delivering a personal online marketing plan to each of our clients that focuses on dominating their industry in every online capacity available, whether it is ranking at the top of the search engine results page, or towering the competition in social media interaction, including followers, friends and ever-growing circles of devoted clients.

Our professional marketing staff stretches their innovative legs often to ensure that no online marketing opportunity is overlooked, nor that its updated relevance in the online community goes without confirmation and continued education. Our creative prowess knows no bounds in the world of online marketing because instead of waiting for the next best technological advancement to hit our screens, we are creating and delivering them directly to your target market, leading them directly to you, unfettered from your competition.

Marketing Specialists with Focus

The devoted marketing specialists at High Converting Media are committed to your success, and theirs. The only way we shine as the consummate professional resource in online marketing is to deliver results to your company in the form of increased revenue. Depending on your industry, whether it is Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, or Real Estate Agent that approach will change, and not simply as an approach to the entire segment. We will personalize your online marketing campaign to meet your target market’s very specific and unique needs; not lump you in with your competition’s approach to success. Each of our clients differ, even if they are in the same industry, and it is that difference that allows us to create a proficient, effective and exacting online marketing campaign that garners success through increased revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most valuable tools our firm possesses is the ability to utilize up to date formulas for search engine optimization. Our skilled and distinct approach to getting your website found by your target audience is unmatched in the industry, thanks to our forward thinking staff and their ability to forecast the movements and trends of the largest search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. In addition to these companies, we have analyzed the up and coming online outlets that are breathing new life into how consumers search for services, including social media and app development.

Our effective and ever-evolving SEO practices will provide your company with each of the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive Site Editing for Applicable Search Content Only
  • Cross Linking to Promote Industry Significance
  • Increased Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages
  • Intelligent Coding to Avoid Indexing Barriers
  • Redirecting Activity to Deliver Your Site Accurately Across All Mediums
  • Specialized Website Copywriting to Insure Keyword Placement
  • Specifically Targeted Searches within Your Industry
  • Superior Online Exposure
  • Unprecedented Access to Industry-relevant Links & Directories

Our accomplished staff works diligently to secure your place at the top of the search engine results page, because if you are not at the top, fast moving consumers will pass your entry by for someone who is. Electronic devices, including Smartphone and tablets, provide consumers with innumerable search options for each of the four industries we represent, no matter where they initiate their inquiries. Because of the depth of information that is available to them, we provide a stellar approach to your top-ranking visibility so you can convert views into revenue.

Local Optimization

As a committed partner in the online marketing success of each of our clients, High Converting Media focuses on the absolute fact that 85% of consumers use the internet to locate local businesses. These searches are typically refined with the addition of their need, and the location they are searching within. For example, “Doctors in Cincinnati” or “Chinese restaurant in Dallas” separate companies from others in differing cities. Geographical relevance is now bigger than ever, and we have a strategy that will boost your local visibility beyond comparison.

Our approach to local optimization is focused, providing an earnest execution of getting in front of the people who matter most in your industry, those in your city. Whether they are part of your community, simply visiting for a convention, entertainment opportunity or holiday, your information must be readily available to these far-reaching consumers with accessible purchasing power. Our deliberately executed online marketing campaigns deliver exceptional local optimization opportunities allowing our clients to extend their reach by having the most polished and well-executed SEO program on the web, in their category of expertise.

Our Commitment to Your Growth

At High Converting Media our concentration in the areas of Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Real Estate Agent professionals allows us to focus solely on the growth of your company and its increased market share in your industry.

Our educated and proficient marketing strategists deliver a streamlined online marketing campaign that will allow you to recognize the return on your investment in record time, while physically reviewing the easy to read and understand reports that we provide regularly to monitor our campaign’s effectiveness in an ever-evolving online forum.

The key to our success, and ultimately to yours, is that we never stop applying ourselves to defeating the algorithms that haunt other online marketing firms. In fact, instead of waiting for their arrival, we have learned that inventing the protocols and procedures instead allow us to remain ahead of the curve in every capacity. This enlightened and professional approach to online marketing allows us to produce results for our clients, by delivering their information directly to their target audience, and converting those views to revenue.

Our devoted group of marketing mavericks is available day and night to help increase your company’s online visibility, so you can start reaping the benefits of being at the top of your industry in no time.

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