Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has taken the world by storm, allowing individuals to transcribe their feelings, emotions and happenings with a few taps of the keyboard on their mobile devices. Likewise, companies are cashing in on the highly interactive existence and captive audience that SMM delivers; a luxury that was not always available without extensive focus group sessions in the past.

High Converting Media helps bring this extravagant source of interaction to life for our clients, while transforming its movements, trends and popularity into revenue through increased exposure. With Facebook and Twitter combining to reach over 1.5 billion users, we deliver marketing techniques that include social media PPC — or pay per click sponsorships, while providing the return on your investment your company deserves by exciting the senses of your target audience with strategically focused marketing campaigns.

At High Converting Media, we locate and commit to target audiences for our clients who will benefit from the informational Facebook marketing techniques we design for your specific industry. With Twitter marketing making a resounding entrance into positive outreach opportunities, your social media marketing opportunities have expanded nearly overnight, and with our help so can your audience. At High Converting Media, we concentrate on the success of a limited client base, which allows us to provide exciting, creative, insightful and effective social media marketing campaigns that hit the target every time.

The groups that we represent create a big splash in social media marketing circles, which is why it is important to have a professional team of marketing specialists focusing their efforts in the right direction. It is simply not enough to have an online profile on Twitter or Facebook; your company has to be competitive in their market to retain the attention of today’s fast moving, on-to-the-next-best-thing clientele. The proficient, knowledgeable and informed professionals at High Converting Media know exactly where to start building your marketing prowess, and how to help you nurture its online existence to reach your specific market with each informative status update.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a captive audience whose broad purchasing power will increase their business and boost revenue. It is simply not enough to shout at the masses through social media outlets to obtain their business. It is important to focus on the markets that successfully comprise your prospective clientele, while communicating with existing clients to insure their return. Our professional staff provides this focus, and will create a strategic marketing campaign that fits only your needs. Social media marketing is not a one size fits all opportunity, and our knowledgeable staff knows exactly where your company fits in perfectly, and will capitalize on that position.

Our representation expands to the following client categories, which allows us to provide a concentrated approach to each group’s success:

  • Doctor
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Restaurant

A vibrant and informative social media existence is important for each of our clients, and we will maintain that positivity as a result of our experience and accomplished approach to expanding their revenue sources. Social Media Marketing is a competitive business, with business owners clamoring for the attention of the 1.5 billion people that are circling the forums, checking their statuses over one dozen times a day. We can put you in front of the individuals who fall into your target market, and help deliver their purchasing power to your door.

Restaurants & Social Media Marketing

When you are a restaurant owner, the quality of your work is your only recourse when providing individuals with dining opportunities that are not only delicious, but beautifully displayed and served by an experienced staff. Owning a successful restaurant is completely dependent on customer satisfaction, whether it is serving the perfect meal or providing a one of a kind experience with an atmosphere that envelopes your guests with the perfect vibe.

High Converting Media can help you expand your audience by providing social media PPC campaigns that allow you to reach an untapped source of patrons who will not only follow you on the network, but will have lunch or dinner at your restaurant, and share their experience with others. Our experience and knowledge in social media marketing will deliver food savvy diners to your door, and all you have to do is what you do best: Feed them.

Social Media Marketing & Today’s Real Estate Agent

In today’s world of financially astute professionals, there is very little loyalty to the real estate agent, which is quite a departure from years past. With the help of online listings, and word of mouth from the successes of others, real estate agents are battling within their own ranks to recover business in any tax bracket in an effort to simply do their jobs.

High Converting Media can help provide your real estate business — whether it is just you or a combination of agents — with a captive audience that is actually looking for your services. No more casting a wide, costly marketing media net and coming up empty at the end of the day. Our professional and strategic approach to deliver results for real estate agents allows us to set you apart from your competition. By focusing on the percentage of the social media audience that actually needs a real estate agent (yes — there is a formula for that, and we have it!), we are able to provide you with a healthy return on your marketing investment, instead of shooting blindly into a pool of people who are not potential buyers or sellers. This focus and discerning approach to your success helps set us apart, while allowing you to profit from our expertise.

Doctor & Plastic Surgeon Social Media Marketing

With healthcare debates in full swing, and individuals with an internet connection able to search for a doctor or plastic surgeon with ease, it is important that these groups have an online existence that matches their qualifications and experience.

Individuals are not tied to the doctor they used all their lives any longer; they are consistently looking for the next best thing in healthcare that will allow them to extend their health and beauty for the long run. High Converting Media provides exemplary social media marketing to doctor and plastic surgeon offices that require an exceptionally professional profile to appear in front of a larger audience with extensive purchasing power.

The professionals at High Converting Media will design a social media marketing campaign that places your practice in front of the people who are searching for healthcare professionals. Our campaigns are designed for each individual business we represent, so no two approaches are alike, and each one is backed by our exceptional knowledge in doctor and plastic surgeon marketing tactics. Allow us to help you discover a new world of patients, who have the means and the capacity to opt into your office’s services going forward.

With this monstrous explosion into Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing alike, it is not simply enough to have a page or profile for individuals to view on demand. Consumers want to interact with their professionals, whether it is a restaurant owner, real estate agent, doctor or plastic surgeon, they want to feel an ownership and connection in each of those relationships. High Converting Media can provide social media marketing expertise that will allow you and your business to stand apart from your competition, while retaining the market share of the available business in your industry.

Our absolute goal is not only to make you the king (or queen!) of your particular area of expertise, but to provide you with a financially viable social media marketing campaign that will provide an efficient and exciting return on your investment.

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