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SEO for Plastic Surgeons

All physicians in private practice understand that healthcare is a business, but this fact is especially obvious to cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery is as close as healthcare comes to being a fashion statement.  Satisfied customers will post pictures of their beautiful faces and figures on social media, and when people compliment them in person on their good looks, they will say that you deserve some of the credit for their beauty.  You can create demand for your services in ways that, for example, gastroenterologists cannot.  This means that you can grow your business through marketing directly to consumers in ways that most healthcare practices cannot.  The cosmetic surgery SEO experts at High Converting Media can help you create a website that furthers those goals.

Is It Enough for a Cosmetic Surgery Practice Website to Be Nice to Look At?

Prospective patients who are counting on you to make them look great will certainly appreciate it if your website is pleasing to the eyes.  Before and after pictures on cosmetic surgery clinic websites make a good impression, as do images of people looking fabulous at every age.  Of course, much of what makes you a great cosmetic surgeon is not especially eye-catching; your adherence to the standard of care and attention to patients’ medical history is important, too.  Likewise, pretty pictures are not enough for a successful cosmetic surgery clinic website.  The site must function well, or else people will get annoyed with your website and click on the website of one of your competitors.

Even more importantly, your website should contain informative content about the services you offer.  The more content your website has, and the more valuable it is, the more Google will reward you for your search engine optimization (SEO) by placing your site higher on the first page of search results for many different cosmetic surgery-related search queries.  This is what SEO professionals mean when they say that content is king.

Why Does Google Care If You Dispel Myths About Cosmetic Surgery?

As you are probably reminded every time you tell a new acquaintance about your line of work, there are a lot of misconceptions about cosmetic surgery.  If your website provides detailed information in understandable language, it will help people make the decision to undergo cosmetic procedures in a safe environment.  Not everyone who is searching the web for information about facelifts or liposuction lives in your city or has the budget to undergo these procedures, but Google will reward you for building a website that responds to information-seeking queries, too.  If your content is truly awesome, people will share it and link to it, which will further enhance your reputation with Google.

These are some questions you can answer on your site:

  • What is the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?
  • Does health insurance cover cosmetic procedures?
  • How safe is cosmetic surgery?
  • What are non-surgical alternatives to popular cosmetic surgeries?

How Can You Provide Maximum Value for Patients and the Public With Your Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Website?

Getting surgery isn’t fun, but looking like a beauty queen or a heart throb is.  As much as possible, your cosmetic surgery practice should focus on safety, while making patients feel comfortable and confident.  A great way to build the VIP experience into your cosmetic surgery clinic website is to enable patients to book appointments directly through your website, using Calendly appointment booking software.

Healthcare SEO is very competitive, so you need an experienced professional to design and optimize your cosmetic surgery practice website.  Contact High Converting Media to design a valuable website for your patients and for the public.

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