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SEO for Med Spas

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the website of any business that wants to remain competitive in its local market, but the competition is tougher for healthcare businesses than for most kinds of businesses.  For any given medical subspecialty and any given city, it is the same X number of doctors trying to get the same number of Y patients to contact them.  No matter how awesome your website is, someone with sinus problems is not going to contact a gastroenterologist, and a patient in Boston is going to visit a doctor close to them instead of flying all the way to Dallas to visit you.  Marketing for med spas is somewhat different, though, because most of the services med spas offer are elective treatments.  The ideal website for a med spa requires the pizzazz of a conventional business website plus the exacting attention to detail of a medical practice website.  The med spa SEO professionals at High Converting Media can help you create a website that turns casually curious web surfers into satisfied customers of your med spa.

What Makes Med Spas Unique?

Is a med spa a spa?  Is it a doctor’s office?  It’s a little bit of each, the best of both worlds.  The services offered at med spas require more expertise than the services offered at spas (such as eyebrow threading or massage), but they are less invasive than cosmetic surgery.  Med spas employ physicians, because even though the treatments are elective, it takes a medical doctor’s expertise to perform them safely.  These are some examples of treatments offered at med spas:

  • Skin treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • Laser hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Botox injections

In their brand messaging, med spas should emphasize that their treatments are non-invasive and do not have a long recovery time.  They should also communicate that the procedures are safe when performed under the direction of a medical doctor, but that it is not safe to get them done at places that are not licensed to perform them.

How Do SEO Best Practices Apply To Med Spas Websites?

Search engine optimization (SEO) means designing or modifying your website to make it rank as highly as possible on the organic search results pages of Google searches.  SEO is part of the comprehensive marketing strategy of any business, including med spas.  Effective SEO for med spas involves making the various pages of your website rank for a variety of keywords related to your practice.  These are some examples of keywords you will want to include on your website:

  • The term “med spa” or “medical spa” in combination with the name of your city or county
  • The names of treatments you offer, such as “Botox injections” and “chemical peel”
  • Common questions customers might ask about your treatments, such as “does laser hair removal hurt,” “how effective is tattoo removal,” and “does Botox make your face look frozen”

Mentioning each keyword once is plenty; keyword stuffing will harm your site’s SEO rankings.  Your site should also contain long articles about the services you offer; not only are these informative to visitors to your site, but they will also attract shares and links.

How Can Your Med Spa Website Provide The Best Customer Experience?

A well-designed website can make clients feel at ease before they even set foot in your med spa.  Before and after pictures and infographics will help clients understand the treatments they are considering getting.  To go the extra mile, you can even use Calendly to enable clients to book appointments directly through your site.

The complete med spa experience begins with your website.  Contact High Converting Media to maximize the value of your med spa website.

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