App Development

In a world of mobile flexibility, consumers are spending less time on their laptops and more time researching industry information through applications — or apps — from their Smartphone and tablets. With a combined 1.5 billion Apple and Android devices circulating throughout the world, technologically savvy consumers are becoming increasing mobile dependent, while acknowledging that app development is an important part of how they supplement their lifestyle choices.

Although the Apple and Google Play App Store each have hundreds of millions of apps for their particular users to choose from, it is up to High Converting Media to deliver the app development formula that brings our clients success rates that increase their revenue and market share in their respective industries. In an effort to provide our clients with the best service possible, while delivering app development strategies that set them apart from their competitors, our industry focus remains within four categories of marketing expertise: Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon and Real Estate Agent groups.

The Truth Behind App Development

With the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices powering the electronic revolution, our company has developed the foresight of applications as the driving force in marketable technology. With years of experience in developing efficient and revenue boosting apps for our clients, we have turned our attention to a smaller, targeted client base that allows us to provide our clients with real time marketing solutions that fit their clients’ needs and desires. The truth behind app development is, you do not need to create one that simply swims in the sea of the other 1.7 billion apps. You must create one that provides your clients with a solution to your particular industry’s communication efforts, and market it accordingly to stand out in grand fashion against your competitor’s versions. The brilliant brains behind High Converting Media can do both, and allow your apps to become the belle of the ball in the App Store, Google Play and beyond.

What Apps Will Do for Your Industry

At High Converting Media, we focus solely on the competitive worlds of restaurant, doctor, plastic surgeon and real estate agent professionals because we are committed to providing these industries reach their target markets effectively, while revealing that efficiency through an exceptional return on investment, and increased revenue.

Our accomplished and technologically savvy group of professionals spends each day with their fingers on the pulse of marketing statistics and trends, which allows us to provide the most lucrative approach to increasing your market share in your particular industry.

Some of our best marketing approaches have transformed our clients from a local secret to a national success in no time, and allows us to share their story with the masses to enjoy success of our own. When it comes to app development strategies, we produce functional apps that represent our clients’ brands in full, while allowing their clients the ease of having that brand at their fingertips on the one device they are certain to have with them at all times: Their iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Delivering Exceptional Solutions through App Development

Although we only represent four categories of clients, our astute marketing team knows that each requires a specific approach to app development success.

The success in app development is delivered through:

  • Elevated Exposure
  • Exceptional Interaction with Prospective and Existing Clients
  • Exclusivity & Brand Loyalty
  • Flawless Execution
  • Higher Conversion Rates from Viewer to Client
  • Increased Prospective Client Capacity
  • Intelligent Electronic Mobile Relevance
  • User-friendliness & Accessibility

App Development & the Restaurateur

Restaurateurs are always looking to create a wait list, which provides the sense of a “can’t miss” dining experience, and leaves prospective patrons anxiously awaiting their turn at the helm of social greatness. Imagine the exclusivity guests would feel if they received preferred seating when they booked their arrangements through your privileged app service.

Restaurant app development is more than just showcasing your menu, or adding nutritional information to its content for those who are keeping track of their caloric intake. Restaurant app development delivers an exceptional level of inclusivity that allows your patrons to feel ownership over their decision to count your establishment as one that suits their needs as a consumer. If they can skip the line, thanks to your app’s offering, and walk right in on a Friday night, the feeling of empowerment is overwhelming, and will be shared with great success.

This is one of the many insights the diligent and tireless minds at High Converting Media can bring to your app development process to insure your restaurant provides a one of kind experience, even when it is shared with thousands of diners.

The Doctor & Plastic Surgeon

Increasing your patient roster is an absolute must, especially when your practice survives solely from new patients and referrals. Depending on your area of expertise, you may deliver such amazing results that you only need to see your patient once, which is music to everyone’s ears — except yours.

High Converting Media has a proficient marketing strategy that will help you retain the clients who do not think they need you any longer, while focusing aggressively on new patient retention with the help of an app that can set up appointments, view bills and deliver scheduling updates without missing a beat.

Your patients will thank you for the clarity and convenience, and your revenues will reflect their appreciation in no time.

The Real Estate Agent & App Emphasis

If there is one thing that the intelligent professionals at High Converting Media know, it is that as long as someone is operating inside of your app, they are not viewing your competitors marketing materials, or even being pointed in their direction.

App development delivers a captive audience that works within the confines of your specific real estate offerings, without being redirected or distracted by another opportunity. This allows for refined searches and the ability to update their information while viewing yours accurately and without delay. Your prospective and current clients can view maps and full listing information without leaving your app. And since it is accessible on their iPhone or Android Smartphone, they can take your information and offerings with them everywhere they go to share with friends, family or just to drive by their soon-to-be new home while they anticipate the upcoming showing day.

App Store Optimization

App development is just the beginning of a new age for your company, and will be marketed with a hand on approach to great success. It is not enough to create an app for your target market to enjoy, it must be met with a positive promotion to reign at the top of the Apple Store or Google Play charts, so you are easily found. We can do both, and have tremendous success in achieving a new, revenue building outlet for each of our clients as a result. We can do the same for you.

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