PPC Advertising

Online advertising and marketing has developed into an exceptional resource for the Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, Real Estate Agent and other professionals we represent to receive a formidable return on investment. At High Converting Media, the goal of each of our intelligently designed online advertising campaigns is to turn page views into revenue for each of our clients. That success-driven approach delivers stunning results for our clients and their bottom lines, which allows us to promote the industries we concentrate so effectively on: Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, Real Estate Agent professionals.

Maintaining a small client focus allows our adroit marketing professionals to deliver a strategic approach to advertising success in the form of Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising. This successful and cost effective approach to online advertising allows us to place our clients’ promotional efforts directly in front of their target audiences, while increasing their exposure within the proper markets. It also allows our clients to receive the highly coveted top spots on the search engine results page, or SERP, so they are first in line for consideration when their target market is searching for their services. Our strategic approach to PPC advertising is a calculated, studied and proven course of preferred marketing that provides our clients with the best return on investment possible in their respective industry. Here’s how…

The Science Behind Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a methodical study and implementation process that allows our intelligent marketing professionals to design a spectacularly personal approach to reaching your target audience within a pre-determined budget. We will establish recommendations based on a fixed rate budget or through compelling evidence for increased spending that will result in a higher return on investment. No matter which expenditure you choose, our success-focused staff will create an exemplary online PPC advertising campaign that will boost your visibility quickly and effectively.

This approach allows us to focus on increasing your visibility with a highly acclaimed approach to advertising in front of ONLY the people who are interested in your services. PPC advertising is not the process of casting a wide net; it is a specific approach to defining our clients’ target market and placing the ads directly in front of them effectively. PPC also delivers the exceptional attribute of budgetary constraints, which allows us to provide our clients with real time numbers to back up our methodical advertising approach, before committing another PPC campaign, or expanding a current movement. At High Converting Media, we are committed to providing each of our clients with a proper return on investment, and we will share our success in the form of converted clientele at the end of each campaign. While each effort is ongoing, our staff monitors its success and diverts the ads to differing hot spots, based on trending topics or target market interests when necessary. As the internet moves, we move with it, to ensure you are receive the best exposure possible each day your campaign is active.

Our PPC advertising campaigns deliver exceptional results for each of our Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, Real Estate Agent professionals, including:

  • Banner, Text & Sponsorship Advertising Availability
  • Contextual & Behavioral Targeting Capabilities
  • Effective Safeguards Against Abusive Clicks
  • Exceptional Return on Investment
  • Expanded Gains in Market Share
  • Extensive Visibility, Even When Ad Is Not Clicked
  • Higher Placement on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Opportunities to Improve Cost Effectiveness
  • Performance Results & Reports
  • Relevant Content Management
  • Specialized Placement Based on Trending Queries

The benefits of PPC advertising increase with each campaign that is implemented by our professionals, as the pulse of the industry changes overnight. As the search engines and algorithms change, so does our approach to your advertising needs. We are constantly evaluating advertising opportunities for each of our clients to ensure they are appearing in front of their target market at all times.

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs & Budgets

At High Converting Media, we only represent four specialized client groups: Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Real Estate Agent professionals. This concentrated approach to success has allowed us to focus on the competitive nature these groups are subjected to on the web, while challenging our staff to institute aggressive and highly targeted PPC advertising campaigns that will allow our groups to increase their market share going forward.

Our staff understands that you require a return on your investment because advertising budgets are difficult to come by — especially when you have partners who are leery of their effectiveness, and are fighting the expenditure. The truth is, every business owner has the right to know where their money is being spent, and what type of return on investment they should expect as a result. Our marketing specialists provide hard numbers for each of our clients to review — as they pertain to their specific industry and personal company’s success. No one wants to hear about how we have helped hundreds of companies succeed in the past, they want to hear about how we are going to help them succeed, which is why our concrete and no-nonsense approach to PPC advertising is a dedicated resource for each of our clients. The numbers speak for themselves, and your conversion rate of views to clicks and clicks to clients is visible through our easy to read reports and, more importantly, your increased revenue.

Committed to an Independent Approach

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to keep your budget on track throughout the year, while increasing revenue through your elevated online visibility. Although we represent four distinct groups in their journeys to marketing success, we never provide a canned approach to delivering results for each company we represent.

No two restaurant owners, doctor or plastic surgeon practices or real estate agent paths to success are reached by the same road, especially when it comes to marketing. Our committed and accomplished professionals are dedicated to providing each of clients with a personalized approach to increasing their visibility online, within their budget constraints. We will make recommendations that will deliver the best return on investment for your company, while ensuring you are able to review your advertising success on paper.

High Converting Media delivers a dynamic approach to our clients’ success, through a diligent and deliberate designation of advertising dollars to focus on your return on investment. It is not lost on our professionals that a successful business relationship requires trust and commitment, which is why we deliver accomplishment in the form of PPC advertising campaigns. Allow one of our proficient team members to design a spectacular PPC campaign for your company today to help set you apart from your competition, increase your visibility and return on investment, while expanding your revenue in real time.

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