Web Design & Development

The adroit web design professionals at High Converting Media provide a calculated approach to delivering a complete website that will allow your company to appear at the top of the search engine results page, in an effort to increase your exposure. The goal of a proficient and polished website it to turn viewers into clients, not simply provide an overview of your company.

Our professional and accomplished marketing and design staff team up to provide your company with the best of both worlds in online marketing: Beauty and brains. With our focused approach to client adaptation, our knowledgeable staff caters to only four groups of professional affiliations: Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Real Estate Agent professionals. This concentrated approach to marketing efficiency and superiority allows our team to establish the best online marketing practices for our clients in each of their industries.

Combining Design Proficiency with Exceptional Usability

Web design requires a combination of digital architectural acumen, marketing savvy and exceptional usability to be successful in a world where consumers have mastered the search of information, services and products. Your prospective clients have a higher level of expectations than ever before when it comes to web design. These individuals require a fast, friendly approach to identifying your existence — and will usually not search for the same service twice without finding an answer, even if it comes from your competitors.

The goal of the web design and marketing teams at High Converting Media is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of today’s consumers by providing them with a magnificently designed, user-friendly website that not only answers their initial queries about your organization, but inspires them to contact you with interest in becoming a client or patron.

Let’s face it, anyone can create a website. However, it takes tremendous research, qualifying data and marketing prowess to deliver a website that creates solutions for your company, while converting visitors into visible revenue streams.

Transforming Principal into Practice

The fundamental components of web design are not lost in translation as we begin analyzing the existing websites of our clients in the Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, and Real Estate Agent industries. Web design still requires brilliant copy and content, quick-loading images and exceptional ease in use. With top of line clientele, and their incredible spending power, seeking the services of our clients, it is important that we hit the mark each time a website is examined by our professional team to determine its capability to be fine-tuned and reassigned for great success.

To accomplish this feat quickly and efficiently, High Converting Media will assemble a design and marketing team who will evaluate your existing site, and provide the fundamental requirements that allow your company to land at the top of the search engine results page. The remaining process requires a specific approach to providing digital solutions for each of our concentrated client industries, and can include:

  • Evaluating Barriers that Hinder Viewer’s Arrival
  • Copywriting to Add Formulated Keywords and Algorithm-seeking Content
  • Design Examination & Revisions for Faster Loading
  • Additive Styling to Increase Exposure
  • Unique Design Elements to Set Your Company Apart from Competitors
  • Social Media Designation & Access from Website
  • Calculated Approach to Dominating Your Industry in Search Engine Results

The skilled and accomplished team at High Converting Media does not simply offer web design services. We offer complete electronic solutions for our clients that influence the spending habits of their current and prospective clients to boost revenue on their behalf.

Mobile Design & Your Company

What was once of questionable importance has now become a fundamental requirement in web design and implementation: Mobile Design. With 85% of mobile users searching for local companies using only their handheld devices, it is important to provide them with your company’s site in a format they can actually use. Consumers are fickle, and they will spend less than ten seconds maneuvering a website before becoming frustrated with its inability to adapt to their mobile device before moving onto the next company on the list.

With over 1.5 billion Apple and Android devices circulating worldwide, nearly everyone is operating on a mobile platform, even when they are searching for Restaurant, Doctor, Plastic Surgeon, or Real Estate Agent professionals from home.

Consumers are on the go, seeking the best of what their city has to offer as they need it. There is no room for error in the mobile design department, and our skilled team of professionals will ensure that your site does not fall short of consumer expectations.

Turning Searches into Revenue

With research, trends, surveys, focus groups and continuing education, High Converting Media follows the pulse of consumer spending habits and they have determined that mobile design has captivated buyers around the world. Studies show that if someone is searching for Chinese food in a particular city, it is because they want Chinese food in that same day. If your restaurant carries Asian cuisine, it would be behoove you to be at the top of their search engine results page, and we can help you get there. This simply stated practice turns mobile web visitors into patrons, who will share their experience with others while they are still sitting in your restaurant. How’s that for conversion?

Individuals search for a doctor near them because they feel an ailment that needs to be inspected, or because they are interested in being examined for a physical, mental or emotional condition. In order to be considered as a professional who can evaluate their needs, you must appear at the top of the charts, while delivering a website that is not only easy to use, but one that invokes confidence in your professional abilities. High Converting Media provides these exact services, to allow our medical professions to stand out from their competitors — even if they share the same office building. The same specialty design and implementation is delivered for plastic surgeon professionals, as you are selling more than a new look. You are selling trust, confidence and a better life for all who search for your services. We can help instill those important aspects in the minds of your prospective patients to ensure you are the first call they make, and that a consultation is their next step.

Real estate agent firms across the country are rebounding from the market’s crash and slow ascend back to today’s housing climate and with their rejuvenation comes a lot of weary buyers who are looking for a trusted partner to put them into the home of their dreams. Our marketing savvy and incredible design capacity can help real estate agents deliver a professional and informative mobile design that enhances their profile, boosts visibility and instills confidence in potential buyers and sellers. We do not want individuals simply viewing your site, we want them buying the houses that are previewed within it.

There is no one size fits all approach to web design and mobile design. Each industry we represent is evaluated thoroughly before each client receives personal and exceptional advice as to how to proceed with their online marketing endeavor. We know what’s best for your industry, and your personal practice, restaurant or client-base and want to share our focused and intelligent design and marketing acumen with you to start converting page views into revenue today.

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