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The idea of going to a relaxing, pleasant place where knowledgeable professionals will attend to your health and well-being is not new.  Until fairly recent times, barbers often performed certain kinds of medical treatments, meaning that you could go to the same place whether you were seeking treatment for a health complaint or simply hoping to emerge looking well-groomed.  Even the word “spa” comes from the name of a city in Belgium where people would go to drink the healing waters in the Middle Ages; the mineral-rich waters provided relief from illnesses caused by mineral deficiencies.  Today, med spas use state-of-the-art technologies to provide cosmetic and wellness treatments to people who wish to look and feel their best.  There is plenty of public demand for med spas, but they are very competitive.  These are some messages you should send to spread the word about your med spa and warn people about the dangers of trusting unlicensed practitioners to perform specialized med spa treatments.  The medical content marketing experts at High Converting Media can help you implement effective content marketing strategies for your med spa.

The Best of Both Worlds, Luxury and Professionalism

No one has ever entered a med spa based on a referral by a doctor who treated them in an emergency room; the treatments offered at med spas are, by nature, elective.  Your med spa and its website should be lovely to behold, but you should put even more effort into being even more careful about safety than your state regulations require.  Med spas are the place for muted lighting and relaxing waterfalls in the waiting room, much as gastroenterologists’ offices, for example, are not.  Your office and website should also prominently display the qualifications and certifications of the employees who perform each kind of treatment offered at the med spa.

Transparency About the Treatments You Offer, Including Their Risks

A med spa website replete with information about the cosmetic treatments you offer will help with your SEO rankings and generate organic backlinks to your site.  The content should not just be promotional filler; it should be truly informative, including being transparent about risks and contraindications for the procedures you perform.  Think of the patient information sheets that doctors give you before you undergo surgery; your website content should be equally thorough and at least as readable, and it should not sugar-coat matters.

Focus on Being the Safest Med Spa, Not the Least Expensive

Your med spa website should also be transparent about pricing, since clients often compare shop prices when choosing non-surgical cosmetic treatments like facial fillers or laser hair removal.  Offer convenient payment options, such as payment plans, but don’t reduce your prices to the point where you are sacrificing quality.  Hair transplants will never be as inexpensive as a haircut, no matter what you do, nor will laser hair removal cost as little as eyebrow threading.  If the treatments seem pricey, emphasize safety and professionalism in your marketing communications, including on your website.

Med Spa Marketing Begins With Your Website

Med spa marketing is highly competitive, so it is worthwhile to hire medical marketing experts to optimize your website and overhaul your marketing efforts.  Contact High Converting Media to make your med spa website beautiful on the inside and out.

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