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Healthcare video marketing is a marketing tactic that has exploded over the past several years. According to TechCrunch, adults are spending an average of 6 hours per day watching videos. More and more people are resorting to videos to provide them with visual feedback and answers in an engaging and interesting way. 

Videos are a great marketing strategy to reach your targeted audience, hold their attention, and direct them to your healthcare website. Most healthcare marketing videos require very little time and equipment. The only thing healthcare video marketing requires is an app or healthcare website, which should have been the first marketing strategy achieved for your healthcare business. Continue to read this article if you are interested in how you can get started on healthcare video marketing for your facility. 

The Value in Healthcare Video Marketing 

Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool specifically for professionals that work in the medical and healthcare industry. Providers and practices are able to connect with current and prospective patients in the most personal way, besides in-person appointments. Patients have the ability to research health-related topics that mean the most to them and receive feedback from professionals without having to make a phone call or make an appointment.

Now you may be thinking – Don’t we want prospective patients to make a phone call or appointment with our healthcare business? Yes! This is exactly why healthcare video marketing is so effective. It introduces your healthcare business to new patients, proves your expertise, builds credibility and trust, and begins the doctor-patient relationship. 

When prospective patients are browsing the web for videos that will answer their health-related questions, it is most likely because they are looking for ways to solve their health-related problems. Many of which will require a healthcare professional. When prospective patients come across your video that answers their questions, they are introduced to you and your healthcare facility and begin to trust you because of the valuable information you have given them. This leaves them with more questions regarding the topic of interest and also interested in your healthcare facility. 

Why Healthcare Video Marketing is So Effective

As crazy as it seems, we are currently living in a digital era, and social media has largely affected the way in which society functions. Social Media Today has pointed out that the most effective content-creating tactic is videos across all social media platforms. It reaches a larger audience, receives a higher engagement, and receives more responses than any other social media marketing strategy. Read below to figure out why that is. 


Video content allows you to create connections with both current and prospective patients.  Patients begin to feel like they know you as a person by getting insight into how you run your medical facility, and how you and your employees work and treat patients. Patients get a deeper understanding of the processes, the behind-the-scenes, and a look at your healthcare facility prior to entering its location. All of these contribute to the patients’ decision of whether they will choose you to be their healthcare professional. 

Extended reach and visibility

Creating videos relevant to your healthcare profession supplements prospective patients with valuable information. Prospective patients are looking for one of two things— answers or a specific service. When creating videos that provide answers, or service suggestions, it will continue to receive views. As it receives more and more views, search egnines will notice your content and increase your visibility, which allows your content and website to extend its reach. 

In your videos, answer questions that are commonly asked by current patients while visiting your healthcare facility. These videos don’t need to be lengthy for them to provide value to your targeted audience. As long as the video provides valuable information, it will continue to get views, which means search engines will notice your content, and your videos will become more visible to internet users. The more videos you post, the more views you will get and the more engagement it will receive. Not only will you increase your visibility, but you will also increase the number of online users it reaches. 


Patients and prospective patients prefer watching videos because of how convenient they are. Oftentimes, patients can watch healthcare videos via social media apps which are 100% free to use. They are normally quick, to the point, and very valuable to patients. Additionally, patients can listen to the videos while completing tasks or on the go. In summary, patients recive the answers they are looking for within a short amount of time, and at no cost. 

On the other hand, healthcare professionals spend very little time creating videos, upload them for free, and in return increase engagement, website traffic, and clientele. 

Spread awareness 

Video content allows you to spread awareness about your healthcare business in many different ways. You can share your videos on other social media platforms and share your healthcare website within your video posts as well. Additionally, the users on the platform where you publish your videos can also share your videos. Creating video content is a great way to spread awareness about your healthcare expertise and the services you offer. 

Healthcare Video Marketing: How to Get Started

As long as you are following healthcare ethical rules, there is no wrong way to create healthcare marketing videos. However, many people don’t know where to get started, or how to get started. Follow these simple tips on how to get started on video marketing for your healthcare facility.

Use the right tools

You don’t need to buy an expensive camera or equipment to create videos. In fact, you can create high-quality videos with your very own iPhone. When creating videos ensure the following for a good user experience:

  • Good lighting
  • Steady footage 
  • Good sound
  • Minimal background noise & movement

If you are shooting videos using an iPhone there are ways to produce videos with higher quality that make a huge difference. Invest in a small microphone, a ring light, and a tripod, and your videos will be even better than before and attract even more attention. There is also free editing software that can enhance your videos, such as iMovie

Create engaging, interesting content

Put yourself in your patient’s shoes and consider what they are most interested in, and what tactics you can use that will best catch their attention. Discuss common questions and concerns, and consider character and humor in each video to keep them interesting. Consider the following video tips:

  • Speak to the camera
  • Use easy-to-understand language 
  • Use examples and visuals
  • If given permission, show patient experiences
  • Show your personality and who you are as a person
  • Insert graphics and text

Be concise and straight to the point

While long videos can receive engagement, short videos are easier to hold the viewer’s attention. If you need to post a long video for an explanation, ensure it is very engaging so viewers are interested throughout the duration of the video. The length of the video ultimately depends on the platform you are going to post it on. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users prefer shorter videos between 30 seconds to 1 minute, while YouTube and LinkedIn users prefer longer videos between 12 minutes to 1 hour. Though some videos may be longer, its important to keep one goal in mind when creating and posting videos— keep the user engaged long enough for them to watch the entire video. This will increase engagement, followers, and website traffic. 

Call to action

Although video content should be valuable and provide viewers with answers and helpful tips, the main objective is to increase the number of patients you’re medical facility has. To increase clientele, include a call to action in each of your videos. There are many ways you can include a call to action in your healthcare marketing videos. You can explain how a specific service that you offer will help the condition they are in, direct them to your website, or include a phone number that prospective patients can reach you at. Regardless of what you use for your call to action, the video needs to be engaging enough for viewers to be interested in the services your healthcare offers. 

What Type of Healthcare Business will Benefit Most From Video Marketing?

Social media has become the best place for medical professionals to market their expertise. Because of the potential that social media has, your videos can reach a broad range of people. Social media is utilized by the entire world by a majority of the population. Additionally, healthcare is something people need and want. Whether it’s dental treatment or botox, there will always be people searching the internet for videos regarding the service they are most interested in. For this reason, any healthcare business can benefit from video marketing. 

How to Get Started on Video Marketing

There are many social media platforms that allow healthcare professionals to quickly upload videos.  Additionally, it is free to do so. However, we recommend getting started with one platform and focusing only on uploading your healthcare video marketing content there. Here are the best social media apps for healthcare video marketing. 


Youtube is a video-only platform. Upload all of your healthcare videos on YouTube and receive views, spread awareness, and increase website traffic. YouTube is a great app for healthcare video marketing. Internet users can search the internet or on the app and relevant YouTube videos will generate. A great place to answer common questions that patients have and direct users to your healthcare website. 

Tik Tok

Though many people underestimate TikTok, it has billions of users of all age groups. TikTok is a video-inspired social media platform that allows users to upload short videos. It has a variety of editing tools and showcases videos to its users throughout the world. Healthcare 


Instagram is a social media platform with both photo and video content. It allows users to post short or long-duration video content with creative music and edits. On Instagram, you can utilize hashtags and location tags to reach your targeted audience. Many healthcare professionals showcase their patients’ progression and testimonials on this social media platform. 

Healthcare video marketing can take your medical business to the next level. When starting with video content, it may seem tedious and at first, you will notice very little engagement. Do not give up! Stay consistent with your video content, provide valuable information, and be genuine, and your videos will begin to receive views. Once views and engagement increase, your conversion rates will increase. 

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