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Are you a medical professional interested in expanding your medical practice? Podcasts are a great way to grow your medical business as they inform and educate the public about medical diagnoses and procedures, how to run a healthcare facility, medical marketing strategies, and medical technology. All of these are ways that can contribute to the growth of your medical or healthcare facility. Whether you are a chiropractor, dentist, or fertility clinic, podcasts can serve as a class that teaches you ways to grow your practice. 

While running a medical or healthcare facility, you may find yourself thinking about ways to market and grow your healthcare practice. However, as a healthcare professional you have very little time to invest in resources that will help your healthcare facility grow. The great thing about podcasts is the majority of them are free and don’t require you to watch a video to comprehend what is being discussed. Fortunately, all you need is a small time frame each day that allows you to focus and listen. There is no better time to listen to a medical podcast than on your way to and from work. No additional time or money is needed, and you learn about the many ways a medical professional can grow their facility. Continue to read this article if you are a medical or healthcare professional who is looking for the best medical podcasts that are educational and informational, providing tips that could further the growth of your medical or healthcare facility.

What are Medical Podcasts?

Medical podcasts are similar to radio talk shows because they discuss a specific topic without a visual recording or video. They are different than radio talk shows because they are accessible to the public at all times. The duration of podcasts varies but typically are 15 minutes to one hour in duration, allowing an unlimited amount of time to discuss relevant topics — in this case, medical topics would be the topic of discussion. Some related topics medical podcasts may discuss are medical marketing, research, health and wellness, doctor and patient experiences, how to run a healthcare practice, healthcare IT, etc. The list goes on when considering topics relating to the healthcare industry. Furthermore, podcasts are normally published as a series, and users and listeners can download and listen to them at any time they choose to. 

Why Should I Listen to Medical Podcasts?

Medical podcasts allow you to learn more about the medical industry with each year that passes. As time goes on, the healthcare industry will continue to grow, and important information regarding healthcare will become more accessible.  More medical podcasts will be released, giving you valuable information that can help you grow your medical expertise and business. Even if you are a busy medical professional, there are many short, informative podcasts that you can listen to on your way to work. Below is a list of medical podcasts that can help you learn about the medical industry and how to market your medical facility or business. 

Informative & Educational Medical Podcasts 

There are many podcasts dedicated to medical professionals. There are informational and educational podcasts, podcasts that discuss experiences and stories, and historical medical podcasts. Let’s start by reviewing podcasts in these categories that can help you grow your knowledge as a medical professional, allowing you to increase clientele. 

New England Journal Of Medicine Podcast

The New England Journal of Medicine Podcast publishes weekly episodes regarding the latest news on medical research, reviews, and perspectives. The NEJM podcast has different doctors as hosts, where they professionally go in-depth about medical issues, diseases, and diagnoses. Similarly, they have a NEJM Interview podcast that discusses important and informational episodes regarding biomedical science and clinical practice. 

NEJM has several other podcast channels: Resident 360, Journal Watch, and Catalyst. Each of the NEJM podcast channels follows a specific category. Resident 360 consists of medical professionals who are training as a resident and share their experiences and challenges. Journal Watch welcomes medical professionals to discuss their own personal stories they have experienced in the medical field, where they review research and the end result of each story. The Catalyst podcast interviews individuals who work in healthcare, providing listeners with an insight into what it is like working in the healthcare industry. All NEJM episodes are 15-30 minutes in length. 

NEJM episodes: 

  • NEJM This Week Season 33 Episode 7: Sickle Cell Disease
  • NEJM Journal Watch Podcast 254: Old Malpractice Liability Strategies Need Rethinking 
  • NEJM Catalyst Episode: High Quality, Best Value, Patient-centered Care

Docs Outside the Box Podcast  

Docs Outside the Box is a podcast hosted by Dr. Nii Darko, who is a trauma surgeon. Dr. Darko’s podcast thinks outside the box of a doctor and covers a wide range of topics. He discusses educational information regarding the medical field. He tells stories that medical professionals experienced before, during, and after their time as med students, allowing his listeners to learn and grow from. On the other hand, he discusses life outside of the medical career in a nontraditional way. While some episodes confront the experiences of medical professionals, other episodes discuss life situations in and outside of their careers. Dr. Darko provides his listeners with feedback, opinions, meaningful experiences, and advice, all of which were published to help enhance the lives of his listeners. Episodes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. 

Docs Outside the Box Episodes: 

  • Episode 253: Should a Doctor Respond When a Patient Leaves a Bad Online Review
  • Episode 262: This One Lesson of 2021 Will be My Key to 2022 Success
  • Episode 265: 11 Money Traps That Doctors Should Avoid 

Health Discovered Podcast 

Health discovered is a medical podcast hosted by WebMD. Editor Carrie Gann interviews healthcare professionals where they examine interesting, health-related questions and concerns. The Health Discovered podcast discusses both mental and physical diseases and disorders, providing informational research and feedback. The length of their podcasts is anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Health Discovered Episodes: 

  • Season 1 Episode 41: How A.I. May Change Your Doctor Visits
  • Season 1 Episode 105: Does Everyone Need Therapy?
  • Season 1 Episode 109: How Food Affects Your Mood

The Future of Healthcare Podcast 

The Future of Healthcare is a podcast designed for medical professionals who are trying to stay ahead of current medical news and issues. Their podcast focuses on health and wellness, healthcare policy, and medical technology. By interviewing and studying with current healthcare professionals, The Future of Healthcare Podcast hopes to learn from current medical professionals to educate the future and upcoming healthcare professionals. These podcasts are only 15-30 minutes long. 

The Future of Healthcare Podcast Episodes: 

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Anca Petre CEO at 23 Consulting
  • Season 1 Episode 3: Erik Ehasoo: Innovation Advisor
  • Season 1 Episode: 5: David Browne: Head of Strategic Marketing Consilient Health 

Bedside Rounds Podcast 

Bedside Rounds takes on an interesting approach while providing listeners with medical information regarding the history of medicine and how culture and society play a role in the healthcare industry and medical history. Adam Rodman, an internal medicine physician, began creating medical podcasts with the use of storytelling to entertain medical professionals. By telling true stories about the history of medical issues and medicine, Rodman educates the public about the past. Bedside Rounds episodes are anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

Bedside Rounds episodes: 

  • The Iceman 
  • Of Madness and Moons
  • The White Plague

Medical Marketing Podcasts 

Medical marketing podcasts are also a great way to increase clientele. They provide you with ideas and marketing strategies that you can use that can significantly grow your business. When it comes to marketing your medical practice, it is important to do it the right way, so you have a return on investment. Whether you run a doctor, dentist, or med spa facility, these medical marketing podcasts communicate valuable marketing strategies to their audience. 

The Medical Marketing Podcast

Medical Marketing Podcast provides the public with tips and advice on how you can improve your practice with marketing strategies. They focus on patient experience to maintain doctor-patient relationships and give your medical business a good reputation. Medical Marketing Podcast episodes are only 15-20 minutes long. Podcasts are a great way to learn about medical marketing and get you started with your medical marketing strategies.

Medical Marketing Podcast Episodes:

  • Season 1 Episode 47: Why Your Practice Website Isn’t Showing Up on Google – and How to Fix It 
  • Season 1 Episode 34: How to Hire an SEO Agency 
  • Season 1 Episode 55: Why the Most Beautiful Medical Practice Website Can Still Fail

The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast 

The 10-minute Marketing Podcast publishes short, yet effective episodes. They explain marketing tips and strategies that are effective when it comes to increasing productivity and clientele. While their episodes are targeted towards specific healthcare practices, the strategies they discuss can be used for any medical practice. Their episodes are 5 minutes to one hour long. 

The 10-minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast Episodes: 

  • Episode 111: 3 Things a Properly Optimized Landing Page Covers
  • Episode 128: 3 Ways to Show Customers You Care 
  • Episode 159: 10 Proven Strategies to Get More Patient Referrals 

The #HCBiz Show! Podcast 

The #HCBiz Show! Is a podcast hosted by Don Lee and Shahid Shah. Lee and Shah work in the healthcare industry where they focus on IT and the business side of the industry. They confront the issues of the medical business, why they exist, and how to fix them so you can effectively market your practice. Lee and Shah explain innovative healthcare ideas and explore healthcare administration, policy, and psychology. By juxtaposing their ideas, they create business incentives to better market your expertise and increase business within your healthcare facility. Their episodes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and are accountable for their consistent posting schedule. 

The #HCBix Show! Episodes: 

  • Episode 150: How to Turn on the Growth Engine in Your Digital Health Startup w/ Bryan Loomis
  • Episode 173: Communicating Healthcare to Humans with Tayla Miron-Shatz
  • Episode 182: How Healthcare Leaders Can Get Involved with Startups – Alan Pitt

Healthcare Rap Podcast 

Healthcare Rap is a podcast dedicated to discussing the importance of a consumer-first-based industry. Jared Johnson and Zain Ismail believe medical facilities will not succeed unless medical professionals focus intently on their consumers. Johnson and Zain share their healthcare innovative ideas revolving around consumer-first healthcare. In this regard, they discuss the best strategies that best contribute to healthcare consumers, leading to healthcare business progression. Healthcare Rap episodes are approximately 30 minutes, and their podcast has ranked in the top 10% globally. 

Healthcare Rap episodes: 

  • Season 6 Episode 180: Designing Digital Health For Everyone
  • Season 6 Episode 190: Better Marketing = Better Health 
  • Season 7 Episode 201: Chris Bevolo’s Lessons From the Future 

Dr. Marketing Tips Podcast

The Dr. Marketing Tips Podcast discusses online marketing strategies and tips. Jennifer and Corey invite all and any medical professional experts to their podcast. Regardless of your practice, they discuss many marketing strategies that can enhance your online marketing skills. Jennifer and Corey discuss SEO, online reputation management, patient testimonials, website design, and much more. Their episodes are 20-30 minutes long and are full of online medical marketing strategies. 

Dr. Marketing Tips Podcast Episodes:

  • 3 Ways You Can Use Patient Testimonials To Drive Appointments
  • Tips to Start Marketing Your Practice Right Now 
  • Videos, Tips, Tricks, And Content Ideas for 2022 

Expertise/Practice  Specific Podcasts 

Maybe you have nailed your online marketing skills and are interested in additional marketing advice tailored to your practice area. A lot of the podcasts we discussed seem to target primary doctors and physicians. While you can learn from the tips and strategies the above-mentioned podcasts discuss, there are also podcasts that are made specifically for certain practice areas only. Let’s review some of the podcasts you may be interested in for your expertise. 

Medical Spa Podcast 

Medical Spa Insider Podcast 

Medical Spa Insider focuses on medical spa strategies that can be used to grow the business of aesthetic entrepreneurs. From safety and legality tips to marketing strategies, Alex Thiersch provides meaningful and informative episodes to those who are in the medical spa business. He discusses rules, regulations, business tips, med spa professional experiences, and effective marketing strategies. Medical Spa Insider episodes are 40 minutes to 1 hour, providing insightful advice and marketing strategies. 

Medical Spa Insider Podcast Episodes: 

  • Episode 154: Keys to Medical Aesthetic Marketing and Practice Growth 
  • Episode 188: Keys to Marketing and PR for Medical Aesthetics Practices 
  • Episode 191: Small Business Marketing at a Big Scale 

In Touch with Terri Podcast

In Touch with Terri is full of informative med spa episodes. With her candid style of informing, Terri discusses sales and growth and how to become a successful medical spa entrepreneur or physician. Overall, the podcast reviews the challenges medical spas face when considering growth and how to face these challenges. She informs the public and shares her own experiences, advising listeners on real and raw topics. The episodes are 15-50 minutes in length. 

In Touch with Terri episodes:

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Increase Conversions with Financing Options 
  • Season 3 Episode 34: Prioritizing Your Marketing efforts for Optimal ROI
  • Season 5 Episode 48: Lessons Learned in Running a Successful Medical Spa 

Fertility Doctor and Clinic 

As a Woman Podcast

Natalie Crawford is an obstetrician-gynecologist and has a podcast of her own. As a Woman addresses both patient concerns and doctor tips. The podcast addresses women’s health and fertility. It is a great podcast to tune into to learn more about fertility to advance your fertility clinic. Furthermore, Crawford throws in marketing episodes to help your practice grow. Episodes are anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

As a Woman Episodes:

  • Season 1 Episode 68: The Professional Learner
  • Season 1 Episode 94: Social Media, with Mama Doctor Jones
  • Season 1 Episode 117: Fighting Infertility, with Samantha Busch

Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors (ENT)

Back Table ENT Podcast 

Back Table ENT is a podcast designed for ear, nose, and throat doctors to use as a resource for their otolaryngologist facility. A new episode is published every week where doctors discuss tips, advice, and techniques pertaining to the ears, nose, and throat. Doctors confront specific cases and challenges within the ENT field and point out how they deal with them. Additionally, they give advice on running an ENT facility. 

Back Table ENT Episodes: 

  • Episode 2: The Struggle is Real(ly Important!) With Dr. Eric Gantwerker
  • Episode 7: Promoting Your Practice with Doctor Eric Cerrati
  • Episode 44: Where to Start with Your Device Idea (and Other Entrepreneurial Pursuits!) with Dr. Keith Matheny 

Oto Journal – SAGE Otolaryngology Podcast 

A professional podcast that partners with SAGE Publications known as Oto Journal has great educational episodes for ENT doctors. This podcast consists of intensive episodes where two doctors discuss research and diagnoses pertaining to the ear, nose, and throat. The OTO Journal is educational and perfect for Otolaryngologists who are trying to maintain their education in their field. Their episodes are roughly 20 minutes long. 

Oto Journal Episodes: 

  • Prioritizing Diversity in Otolaryngology 
  • Advanced Practice Providers Utilization Trend in Otolaryngology
  • Bitter Taste Receptors and Chronic Otitis Media

Dental Practices

The Dentist Money Show Podcast

Ryan Isaac hosts The Dentist Money Show, a podcast made for dentists and orthodontists. Isaac dedicates 30-40 minutes of his time to provide his listeners with money management tips that will best benefit you as a dentist. The episodes go over dental strategies and tips that will save you money and benefit you in the long run. Isaac invites guests to discuss dental strategies that will help them save money, and grow and run their dental business. 

  • How to Optimize Your Existing PPO Contracts 
  • Is Ownership a Good or Bad Move for You?
  • What Dentists Want to Know 


Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

Chiropractic Marketing Podcasted by Dr. Patrick MacNamara has short 5-7 minute episodes full of online marketing strategies you can use to enhance your marketing game as a chiropractor. He reviews the purpose of specific strategies and how effective they are, what you should know about chiropractic online marketing, and how to plan marketing strategies.  

Chiropractic Marketing Episodes: 

  • Why Chiropractors Should Use WordPress for Their Chiropractic Website
  • What Every Chiropractor Ought To Know About Local SEO
  • How to Take Your Chiropractic Website from Good to Great 

Podcast Software 

We have reviewed what a medical podcast is and recommended podcasts that may best benefit you and your practice. Now you may be asking yourself: How do I access podcasts and podcast episodes? Podcasts are accessible through different types of software, such as Google, Apple, and Spotify. You can search for a podcast and chances are you will be able to find it right away. Some podcasts will require you to download an app. Otherwise, you will be directed to a specific website where you will then have access to the episodes available. The podcasts we discussed are free to the public; however, not all podcasts are free. Some podcast software will require you to purchase a subscription, while other podcasts are free to listen to. Below is a brief description of software options that do have podcasts. There are many different podcast software, and it is up to you to decide which you like best. 


Google podcasts are free and you can find many different podcasts that are easily accessible. You can download the app to your mobile device and listen to all of your favorite podcasts whenever you like. Furthermore, you have the option to subscribe to specific channels and download episodes ahead of time. 

Apple Podcasts 

Similar to Google, you can download the Apple Podcast app and listen to the most popular podcasts. Apple has millions of podcasts and an easy-to-search approach. Millions of episodes are free and you have the option to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to get access to premium channels and episodes. You have access to your favorite podcasts with any Apple device.  


If you already have a Spotify account, you are in luck! If you have a Spotify subscription, you have access to many different podcasts. Most podcasts on Spotify are not offered anywhere else. You can bookmark, subscribe, and download, and any podcasts on Spotify.  


Podcasts contain valuable information that can contribute to the growth of your medical facility. Regardless of your practice area, podcasts that discuss marketing strategies can familiarize you with strategies to market your medical business. Additionally, medical podcasts can teach you more about your expertise that will help you advance your facility and grow your business. 

Medical businesses require a lot of attention. Fortunately, podcasts are mini-episodes you can listen to while in the car.  A majority of them are free and are comparable to attending a class that teaches you about medical research, terms, and marketing strategies. Maximize your education and efficacy for free by listening to medical podcasts. 

Podcasts are a great resource to utilize if you are a medical professional who wants to expand as soon as possible. Marketing is a factor that is essential to the growth of your healthcare facility. However, online marketing is very complex. If you listened to many different podcasts and followed their advice, but have not received the results you wanted and are still:  

  • Interested in growing your medical business
  • Anxious for better marketing strategies 

Then looking for external help may be best for you and the growth of your medical business. There are online marketing agencies that have a team full of professionals that work for facilities just like yours. Choosing the correct marketing agency will allow you to focus on your expertise, clients, and business while the team works on your online marketing strategies—leading to an increase in leads, website traffic, and clientele.

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