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Misinformation about health is rampant in our society, and it is even more obvious to medical doctors than it is to people who lack medical degrees but who have the common sense to take the information they find on the Internet with a grain of salt.  Most doctors would slam down their phones in frustration after seeing all the falsehoods, some laughable and some downright dangerous, related to their practice areas after scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok for a few minutes, but the wisest doctors take to social media to spread truth and increase understanding about health and medicine.  As a physician, you can use social media to help many more people than just the patients who visit you in your office.  The medical content marketing experts at High Converting Media can help you use social media to enhance your online reputation and to make the world a healthier place.

Instagram Doctors Make People Feel Empowered About Their Health

One of the biggest challenges when practicing medicine is having enough time to discuss patients’ concerns with them.  During an office visit, you are trying to communicate the most essential and time-sensitive information while keeping up with record-keeping requirements.  There simply isn’t enough time for patients to discuss their questions, thoughts, and feelings about their health conditions.  White lab coats don’t exactly facilitate discussion, either.

Instagram is where people, especially young adults, go to get informed and empowered about their bodies and their health, especially about health concerns that most people feel uncomfortable discussing in a doctor’s office. Instagram doctors don’t present themselves as omniscient about all things medical.  For example, Dr. Hazel Wallace (The Food Medic) focuses on the role of diet in managing certain chronic health conditions, while Dr. Heather Irobunda, an OB/GYN, focuses on aspects of women’s reproductive health that affect people’s daily lives, such as the menstrual cycle, healthcare equity, and egg freezing.  Dr. Suchismita (Tia) Paul, a dermatologist, focuses on skin care for people of color; she produces content for Tiktok as well as Instagram.

Social Media Makes Doctors Seem More Approachable

You probably didn’t enroll in medical school with the intention of becoming a media personality, but if you are so inclined, you can do the public a great service by using your Instagram account to show what life is like for a cosmetic surgeon (or immunologist or podiatrist or whatever kind of doctor you are).  By making videos about your work and your life outside of work (within reason), you provide valuable information to patients and to future doctors.

High Converting Media Can Help You Make a Splash on Social Media

If you aspire to be an Instagram famous doctor, filming videos on your phone is not the way to go.  You need professionally produced social media content that is based on detailed market research, starting with choosing the right social media platform for your content.  Contact High Converting Media to add social media marketing to your content marketing strategy.

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