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Plastic surgeons no longer use billboards and newspapers to market their profession and med spa. Instead, they use the internet and its various resources to market their cosmetic facility. The internet is being used now more than ever, and plastic surgeons are as busy as they have ever been. It is no longer unusual to see someone who has had some sort of plastic surgery done. Additionally, while in public, you most likely passed one person who has had plastic surgery one way or another. Put these two together and you have found the plastic surgeon you have been seeking. Former patients spread the word about their experience with their plastic surgeon, and listeners begin browsing the internet. Within seconds, potential patients can skim through plastic surgeon websites at any time, any place in the world.

Do social media and internet utilization play a role in the rise in plastic surgery? Absolutely! Because of the pressure the internet and social media have put on society, plastic surgery is on the rise. While plastic surgeons may be referred to by word-of-mouth, a majority of them are found through social media. This is why it is extremely important to effectively market your plastic surgery facility online.

What is Online Plastic Surgery Marketing?

Online plastic surgery marketing refers to strategies that are used to efficiently market your expertise, practice, and facility. Online marketing can introduce your cosmetic facility to hundreds and thousands of people, spread awareness about your expertise and what your facility offers, and attract and increase patients.

How do I Begin Marketing my Plastic Surgery Facility Online?

Plastic surgery is a practice area that is now sought out by potential patients via the internet. With social media and its influencers, society feels they need to stand out and represent a perfect individual to the public. Thousands of people are now comparing themselves to social media influencers who have undergone plastic surgery and are interested in correcting their insecurities as well. This means thousands of people are in search of plastic surgeons that have what it takes to make their dreams a reality. The advantage of this is that thousands of people are willing to travel across the globe to do so. This leaves you with the pressure of ensuring your online marketing strategies are flawless. So how do I begin marketing my medical facility online?

The best way to start marketing your plastic surgery expertise online is by creating a website for your plastic surgery facility. The website for your plastic surgery facility should be nearly perfect, as it represents you and your work as a plastic surgeon. It is what every one of your potential patients will resort to before deciding if you are the right doctor for them. Your website is what will virtually introduce you to patients, and allows them to decide if they’d like to take their doctor-patient relationship with you to the next level. Maybe you already have a plastic surgeon website but are not satisfied with where it is going. If this is the way you feel, it is time to invest in an online marketing agency that can help you enhance its features to increase website traffic and clientele.

What is an Online Marketing Agency?

Online marketing agencies are hired by clients that are interested in taking their marketing strategies to the next level. They focus on the components of a website to bring it to its best ability and perform as a valuable resource for potential and current patients, and reel in new ones. Online marketing agencies have a large list of tasks to accomplish to provide their clients with a successful website and expand their business. Although it may not seem like it, successful websites are consistently and thoroughly worked on. Online marketing agencies will do the following to your plastic surgery website:

  • Create a website design tailored to your goals
  • Focus on search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Offer pay-per-click
  • Incorporate web analytics
  • Improve online reputation and manage reviews
  • Incorporate appointment booking capabilities

These online marketing strategies are very important for medical websites, especially plastic surgery websites, because of how much of the population resorts to the internet when searching for a good plastic surgeon across the globe.

The above-mentioned list will do the following for your website and the plastic surgery facility it represents:

  • Represent you as a doctor/surgeon
  • Provide website visitors with a user-friendly experience
  • Allow your website to earn a spot on the top pages of search engines
  • Increase your website’s visibility
  • Analyze how well your website is performing
  • Provide a smooth process for both your patients and medical staff

Though many plastic surgeons assume that hiring an online marketing agency will enhance their website and contribute to the growth of their business, not all of them own up to their expectations. It is important to choose an online medical marketing agency that best fits your needs.

Online marketing agencies can be very beneficial and contribute to the growth of your business. Your plastic surgery website is the most useful tool you can use to capture the attention of your targeted audience. While your website is very useful for converting potential patients into actual patients, there are also many marketing strategies you can utilize that are free, such as social media.

Social media can be an effective tool for plastic surgeons. It is a free and easy way to introduce your plastic surgery facility and lead potential patients to your medical website. Many of your potential patients will search for your social media accounts as a way to better understand you and your practice, and if you perform the work that they are looking for. Additionally, creating social media accounts allows social media influencers to tag you, or refer, and recommend your facility, where you can gain a following and largely increase your audience, making it easier to convert potential patients. Continue to read further if you are interested in social media apps that can better market your plastic surgery facility.

What Social Media Apps Can Help Me Market My Plastic Surgery Facility? 

There are many different social media apps that will allow your plastic surgery business to reach a larger audience. Creating social media accounts for your plastic surgery business is free and easy, however, in order to grow a following, and reach your targeted audience, it is important to develop a consistent schedule for content creation. Creating and maintaining your socials as a plastic surgeon does the following:

  • Increases visibility
  • Broadens the number of people you reach
  • Creates connections and doctor-patient relationships
  • Represents you and your brand
  • Showcases your expertise
  • Markets your plastic surgery facility
  • Interact with potential patients
  • Directs potential patients to your website and its facility

Potential patients tend to be more interested in doctors that frequently post content about their patient’s experiences and progress updates. Here are the 3 most effective social media apps for plastic surgeons.


Facebook is one of the first social media apps that has maintained its number of users. Its most frequent users are between the ages of 18 and 65. This app’s broad age range matches the age range of individuals who are searching for, or in need of a plastic surgeon. It is a perfect place to market your plastic surgery facility as Facebook has many users of many different ages — similar to a plastic surgeon’s clientele. Facebook allows you to publish videos and photographs, generate reviews, run ads, and track your metrics. Within one place, you can reach your targeted audience, post content, receive reviews, and discover how well your med spa is performing.


Instagram has millions of users, ranging between the ages of 18 and 34. The app is mainly utilized to post pictures and videos, the best way to raise awareness and generate leads. Instagram users typically post content more often than those on Facebook, and business accounts can view and analyze their accounts’ insights overview based on the content they post. Furthermore, Instagram has an “explore” page. The explore page allows your plastic surgery account to reach its intended audience.  While Instagram users are exploring the app, a “explore” page displays a number of accounts and content that relate to previous ones they have interacted with. These accounts display for users because at some point the user has shown interest in specific categories, such as plastic surgery. For example, if an Instagram user has interacted with an Instagram post regarding Botox, their explore page will display more Botox content from accounts they do not follow. Instagram allows you to raise awareness, share patient progression, analyze visibility, and reach your targeted audience.


YouTube is dissimilar to Facebook and Instagram. It was designed strictly for video content. Instead of users scrolling through an app full of pictures and short clips, it is an app full of realistic, informative, and educational videos that are normally lengthy. Users are anywhere from 15 to 56 years of age. Many people resort to YouTube for valuable, useful information. It is a great way to grab the attention of potential patients by discussing offerings, procedures, and before and after expectations and experiences. When patients are considering a specific procedure, they oftentimes utilize YouTube for the advice, breakdown, and specifics to learn more about it. Additionally, many patients are willing to travel because of how effective plastic surgery can be. YouTube allows plastic surgeons to reach an audience in a more personable way than Facebook and Instagram. Patients gain more trust and surgeons establish credibility.


Online marketing is essential when trying to grow your medical facility. Because of the amount of traffic that social media receives, creating a business account for your plastic surgery facility can heighten its business. It is a great way to spread awareness, inform patients, grab the attention of potential patients, and lead them directly to your website. While social media can lead traffic to your medical website, oftentimes websites are as far as potential patients get due to its poor quality. Creating social media accounts also means you need to ensure your plastic surgery website is top-notch. It is guaranteed patients who find you through a social media platform will also browse your medical website. Ensure your medical website for your plastic surgery facility represents the quality content you post. If you have created social media accounts for your medical facility, but still have a website that is suffering, consider contacting a medical marketing agency, such as High Converting Media.

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