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The pages on your medical website have the potential to rank high on search engines, reach your targeted audience, and attract new patients. While many medical businesses and healthcare providers already know it is important to have a medical website, many do not know that the pages on their site are significant and play a huge role in attracting new patients. Furthermore, many medical professionals do not know what content and information should be on the pages of their medical websites. The pages on your medical website should contain important information and contribute to the users’ experience while they are browsing your site. These pages should satisfy the users’ needs, answer their questions, or direct them to your facility. We included medical website pages created by High Converting Media to give you a visual representation, and a better understanding. 

Create an Effective Medical Website 

First and foremost, it’s important to create a website for your medical business if you haven’t already done so. Creating a medical website for your medical facility will be your most effective marketing strategy. If you have already created a website, you can edit and tweak a few things so it functions as a valuable resource when trying to rank on search engines. These medical website page tips apply to any medical facility including med spas, fertility clinics, ear, nose & throat doctors, chiropractors, and dental practices. Continue to read further to learn all about the 5 pages that will be effective for your medical website. 

1. About Page 

Potential patients that come across your medical website know nothing about you or your medical business. Your about you page should point out all of the specifics of your medical business, its staff, and medical professionals. This allows patients to better understand the facility they are considering. Additionally, it should be interesting and provide the web user with the reason as to why they should choose you as their doctor or physician. The about you page should sell your services and persuade clients. The about you information can be on the homepage or have its own page on your medical website. The following list is ideas of what you can include on your about page:

  • What your facility does
  • Doctor experience and specialty 
  • Healthcare philosophy 
  • Why patients should choose you 
  • Doctor credentials 
  • Introduce staff and their role in your medical facility 
  • Professional pictures of medical professionals and staff

2. Practice Location Page 

Location is one thing that patients consider when looking for a medical professional. When potential patients find your medical website and are interested in the services you offer, the last thing they want to do is search for a location only to find out you are quite a ways away. Depending on your practice, some patients will be willing to travel from around the world. For example, if you are a plastic surgeon, it is possible you will have patients from across the globe. On the other hand, if you have a patient that requires frequent medical visits, it’s likely they won’t be willing to travel very far for every office visit. This is why it’s important to identify your location and make it easy for patients to find this information on your medical website. 

If you have more than one office location, make sure this is noted and clear to any website visitors. There are several ways you can display the information for your medical facility’s location. One way is by creating a “contact us” page with all of the information about the offices that you have. Alternatively, you can create one page per location, and include content, photos, and the necessary information. Regardless of the method you choose, the practice location page should have the following information about your medical facility:

  • Facility name 
  • Address- City and state should be easy to find 
  • Phone number 
  • Map 
  • Any other additional contact details

3. Meet the Doctor or Staff Page

If you don’t have a page that introduces your staff, it won’t be a determining factor for potential patients. However, it is more likely for patients to choose a medical facility that has pictures of their staff and providers. This is because it allows patients to easily connect with the facility and establish trust with medical professionals before even meeting them in person. Patients want to know who they are trusting regarding their medical concerns. Additionally, if you include a short personal note regarding interests, accomplishments, or hobbies alongside staff pictures, it allows patients to connect with your medical facility’s team. Here is what to include on the staff page:

  • Photos 
  • Experience 
  • Qualifications 
  • Interested, accomplishments, hobbies

4. Medical Services Page 

The more pages you have on your medical website, the better. If you offer multiple services at your medical facility, create a page for each service. Each page should focus on one service and thoroughly explain the service and why patients should choose you as their medical professional. If you only offer one service, make sure the medical service page is full of content.

The medical pages should make your medical facility stand out from your competitors. Here is what to include on the medical service pages:

  • Description of service
  • How the service will benefit patient 
  • How the service is done 
  • What makes it different than what competitors have to offer

5. Patient Testimonial Page 

Patient reviews are extremely important for your medical facility. The public no longer relies on word-of-mouth referrals. Instead, they just read patient reviews to learn about the experiences of former patients. According to Software Advice, over 75% of patients resort to reviews prior to choosing a medical facility. This number will continue to grow as time goes on. Additionally, reviews will affect your search engine ranking. Use the positive reviews that you and your facility receive and showcase them on your medical website. Dedicate one page on your medical website to patient reviews and testimonials.  This allows website visitors to review how you treat patients, confront health concerns, and create doctor-patient relationships. Do so by considering the following testimonial methods for your medical website pages: 

  • Quote your patients’ reviews
  • Insert screenshots of the review posting 
  • Document client experiences and results with photos and videos if they agree to it 


The pages on your medical website are essential for business and growth. Web searchers and potential patients consider your website to be an exact representation of your medical facility, its philosophy, and its brand. If the pages on your medical website are dull and don’t provide much value to your website visitors, potential patients will not feel confident contacting your medical facility. The pages on your website need to be valuable and provide patients with information, answers, and resources. While creating or editing the pages on your website, ensure they are filled with content that provides visitors with purpose, and valuable information. The content on your pages will not only hold the attention of website visitors but also increase your chances of reaching the top pages of search engines. Keep all of this in mind while including the following pages on your medical website:

  • About page
  • Practice location page
  • Meet the team page
  • Medical services page 
  • Patient testimonial page 

Additional Resources for Enhancing your Website

Creating, building, and editing a website can be overwhelming and tricky. There are many professionals that can do it for you and enhance the pages of your medical website to create a website that will increase traffic, rank high on search engines, and increase clientele.  Furthermore, there are many online resources to help you with the process of enhancing the pages of your medical website.

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