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High Converting Media Vs PatientPop

Are you considering PatientPop’s online medical marketing to improve your medical website and grow your medical facility? PatientPop is an online healthcare marketing platform many physicians, doctors, and medical professionals’ resort to when they are desperate for website enhancement. When considering how you can contribute to the growth of your practice and how you can increase clientele, one service many medical and healthcare professionals invest in is — online medical marketing. Medical website marketing can greatly benefit the business of your healthcare facility. That is— only if it is done correctly. Researching which marketing agency best fits your needs is important. You don’t want to invest time and money into an agency that makes little to no difference for your medical website, and the growth of your medical facility. Unfortunately, many medical professionals run into this issue when hiring PatientPop.

Many healthcare facilities hire PatientPop for its convenient prices; however, they still find themselves browsing the internet, once again, searching for an online marketing agency to fulfill their website goals. Why is this? This is when the saying “you get what you pay for” is emphasized, and you are left searching for another agency until you find one that actually delivers the results you desired. Continue to read this article if you are skeptical about hiring PatientPop, and would like to learn more about a medical marketing agency that has promising results and reviews.

Why is it Important to Hire a Medical Marketing Agency for my Medical Facility’s Website? 

As we have converted to a virtual style of living, you can expect many of your clients to have found you via the internet. Imagine how many times your medical website has surfaced result pages for web browsers and how valuable your website is because of the messages it can quickly communicate to potential clients. Your website has seconds to capture your targeted audience, and in order to do so, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a website that users will love and feel persuaded by. Furthermore, your medical website should consistently be updated and maintained. Of course, this can turn into a project that is very time-consuming.

Medical professionals have limited time when it comes to working on their marketing strategies and medical website. Throughout each day you are constantly asking yourself: How can I grow my healthcare facility? While there are many answers to this question, depending on your practice, one answer that can effectively contribute to every healthcare facility is — online medical marketing. You may have attempted many different marketing strategies yourself such as blogging, and publishing video content. Or maybe, you listened to informational medical podcasts on your way to and from work. Time always seems to slip away and you are back to where you started, wondering how you can increase marketing strategies. This is when it would be a good time to hire an online medical marketing agency.

The following website terms are what marketing agencies will focus on to enhance your marketing strategies and grow your medical facility:

  • Medical Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click
  • Website Analytics
  • Review Management
  • Appointment Booking

While there are many different methods that contribute to the success of a medical website, the above-mentioned terms are the basics of what a successful website is made of. These may be terms you have never heard of before. This is because it takes advanced, creative, professionals to tackle these components of a website. Read more about these terms here.

It is important to choose the right online marketing agency to ensure you reach your marketing goals and gain more clientele. Additionally, hiring the right marketing agency allows you to focus on your expertise, while your website generates more leads and increases business for your medical facility. The right marketing agency can:

  • Create an aesthetically pleasing website design
  • Allow your website to generate on the top pages of search engines for your targeted audience, such as Google
  • Increase leads, potential clients, and actual clients
  • Create an online presence – gain trust, develop credibility, and increase positive reviews
  • Create a consistent blog schedule
  • Create a user-friendly, speedy website
  • Allow users to effortlessly navigate their way through your website
  • Get your website to generate on search engines in more city areas than one
  • Allow you to own your website rather than lease
  • Give website users the ability to book online appointments

There is so much that goes into a website to create a user-friendly experience for potential clients, and to ensure your medical website will earn a spot on the top pages of search engines. However, not every online medical marketing agency offers these services to its clients. While PatientPop can perform some of these duties, there are other online marketing agencies that can, such as High Converting Media. PatientPop and Medial Marketing Network are both marketing companies that focus on web design, SEO, and many more marketing strategies. Comparatively, the two companies operate differently and contrast in several areas. Let’s go into detail about how these two marketing companies compare to one another.

High Converting Media vs PatientPop  

PatientPop is a large healthcare marketing platform designed to help clients promote their practices. PatientPop has thousands of employees as well as clients. This company offers services to almost every healthcare professional in the industry.

High Converting Media is a medical digital marketing company that focuses on web design creativity, and SEO to enhance medical marketing strategies,

and increase clientele. HCM has a large team that focuses primarily on a narrow set of clients. We create, maintain, and update websites for medical professionals, such as medical spas, fertility clinics, dentists, and much more.

HCM and PatientPop Similarities

HCM and PatientPop are both medical agencies that offer services to medical professionals and healthcare facilities only. They do not reach outside of the medical field when it comes to their online marketing services. Furthermore, they both focus on the following marketing strategies:

  • Website Design
  • Review Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Pay-per-click

HCM and PatientPop Comparison

Though High Converting Media and PatientPop are both online marketing agencies for medical websites and businesses, they differ in several areas. If you are struggling to decide between the two, here are side-by-side comparisons to assist you in making the final decision of what medical marketing agency would be best for you and your medical website, facility, and team. We will review how these marketing agencies differ in the following areas:

  • Reviews
  • Client Relationship
  • Exclusivity
  • Adaptability
  • Locality
  • Software & Website Ownership
  • Website Performance
  • Website Design
  • Costs
  • Appointment Booking Setup
  • Article/blog content

PatientPop Reviews

As you may know based on previous experience, reviews are a powerful tool when trying to decide between two services that you are interested in. When trying to decide which medical marketing agency would best enhance your medical website and grow your medical facility, the safest and most trusted website to utilize is Google.

While PatientPop has received a number of good reviews, their bad reviews remain consistent on specific topics. Noticing a consistent pattern with certain topics on reviews can be quite telling and concerning. Let’s take a look at these reviews.

PatientPop starts its relationship with its clients in a calm and friendly tone. However, once you make a deal with PatientPop, you are now just one out of the thousands of clients that work with them. Former PatientPop clients explain their dissatisfaction with the company due to these common issues:

  • Their customer service and their inability to provide an answer to clients
  • The issues that arise that are left without a solution
  • The promises they make regarding services & deadlines, but can’t stay true to
  • False advertisement when guaranteeing results from effective marketing strategies
  • The charges that are being made that clients did not agree on.

Former clients describe PatientPop customer service and their employees as “unresponsive” and “un-knowledgeable.” They point out the “poor quality of work and lack of service” they have experienced with PatientPop, along with the charges that are still being made to accounts that have discontinued use. Clients explain the hassle they went through to receive help regarding an issue caused by PatientPop and express that they feel it is “hard work” when working with them. Furthermore, clients explain website issues that are left unresolved after contacting various PatientPop employees and departments. To make matters worse, clients feel they don’t have any “control” over their website as PatientPop oftentimes claims website ownership of their client’s sites, and fails to enhance their website and SEO. As a result, clients are left with a website they do not like and cannot change, unsolved issues, lost money, and a failed attempt to improve their website and increase clientele.

HCM vs PatientPop Client Relationship

High Converting Media has a small range of clientele, that includes:

HCM narrowed down its list of clientele to make sure client websites are thoroughly worked on. This allows HCM employees to really hone in on websites, making the goal of the client their main focus, rather than attempting to complete a website in a timely manner. At HCM, we discuss your website and business goals as a medical professional, and acknowledge how crucial marketing strategies are for the growth of your medical facility. Focusing on a narrow set of clients gives us the ability to intensely concentrate on quality content, tools, and strategies for your website. HCM has over 13 years of SEO and web design experience, with skillful and knowledgeable strategists and analysts who work tirelessly to ensure your website reaches its targeted audience and the top pages of search engines.

Our clients work closely with our founders to ensure their websites are well-maintained and up-to-date. Throughout your partnership with HCM, the founders will remain involved with you and your medical facility to communicate any concerns, questions, requests, and updates. HCM clients do not work with staff whom they never speak with. Instead, they communicate directly with the founders.

On the other hand, PatientPop offers its services to almost any medical professional within the medical field. Because of the large number of clients that PatientPop receives each month, they have hired thousands of employees. Some employees are well-experienced, while others have little to no experience. Additionally, employees are assigned many clients and tasks, which ultimately leads to minimal time spent on your website and the components that make up your website. Their job is simply to build a website and ensure it is running. In turn, website SEO, content, analytics, management, etc are created with little to no effort.

At PatientPop, your relationship with the team who is working on your website is close to nonexistent. It is possible you may never know who constructed your medical website. As previously mentioned, this leads to further issues that are left unresolved, a failed website, and charges towards a company that is doing you no good.  Alternatively, anytime you need to contact the founders of HCM, you may do so without having to jump through hoops. While improving a product as meaningful as a website, it is important to work closely with the SEO team to ensure your medical business goals and needs are met.

HCM vs PatientPop Exclusivity  

Have you come across another medical facility that has either mentioned PatientPop or currently works with them? Now consider how many more medical professionals hired PatientPop for their website across the US. It is very likely that PatientPop has built and currently monitors the websites of your competitors. With how large PatientPop is, it is inevitable for you and your competitors to be working with the same marketing agency, receiving the same marketing strategies. So if your website is monitored and designed by the same company as your competitors, what differentiates you from the rest? Because PatientPop is using the same exact strategies for your website as they do with your competitors, the truth is that nothing differentiates your website from your competition. This is huge, as a majority of the population uses the internet to search for the best medical professionals regarding their medical concerns, and your website plays a huge role in clientele expansion. However, HCM stands by exclusivity and ensures you are the only medical professional in your location based on your practice area.

High Converting Media provides clients with a unique partnership by working exclusively with medical professionals based on their location. By offering exclusivity, your facility would be the only medical facility, within your expertise, in your region receiving online marketing service from HCM. Therefore, your website would be uniquely created, maintained, and improved to generate leads and increase clientele in your area. This separates you from your competitors and earns you a spot-on top search engine page.  For example, if you are a chiropractor servicing patients in Scottsdale, Arizona, you will be our only chiropractic client in this area with a beautiful website and improved SEO strategies.

HCM vs PatientPop Adaptability

SEO is one of the most important components of a website. It is how your website can get in front of the eyes of your targeted audience. This concept is extremely complex because it requires the adaptation of Google’s algorithm. This will allow your medical business to increase leads and client conversions by reaching the top pages of search engines in a credible way. In other words, your website can organically earn a spot on the top pages of search engines. If the marketing agency is unable to consistently adapt to Google’s algorithm, and stay ahead of it, your website will fail as a marketing strategy.

HCM is a marketing agency that is knowledgeable about Google’s algorithm and knows how to stay ahead of it. We have a precise number of clients, giving us more time to constantly monitor the algorithm and make adjustments to your medical website when necessary. This allows your medical website to rank organically and increase website traffic and clientele.

With the vast number of clients PatientPop has, their team is unable to follow Google’s algorithm. There are many different clients with many different needs and it is almost impossible for them to do so. Investing in an online marketing agency that can identify algorithm changes is crucial for building your medical business and maintaining the presence of your website on the first pages of search engines.

HCM vs PatientPop Locality

 There are many different online marketing components that aid in the success of your medical business. All of them are important and work together to reach your business goals as a medical professional; however, oftentimes online marketing companies do not offer local services to their clients. What this means is, that your website is displayed only for individuals within the area your medical facility is in.

On Google, while searching for a restaurant nearby, a list of restaurants will generate. Have you ever noticed that some of the restaurants that generate are nearly 30 miles away, sometimes even further? This is because the website’s SEO team made sure the site has the ability to reach beyond the city area they are in. This is an effective online marketing strategy because it exposes its website and its business to many different areas. Though some searchers aren’t willing to travel this far, others are. Moreover, it introduces a business they may be interested in but did not know about. This is something PatientPop does not do and has become a complaint of many of their clients. Fortunately, HCM does incorporate this feature into the services of its clients. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done with GoogleMyBuisness. 

GoogleMyBusiness displays a radius and an area view, allowing you to choose the areas your website will generate when searchers are searching for a medical facility like yours. The areas you choose will be the locations that your website reaches. Searchers and potential clients in these areas will view your medical facility as an option, even if the location of your medical facility is not in the city they are in. 

PatientPop vs HCM Software & Website Ownership 

Each online marketing company uses a specific software when designing websites for their clients. Conditions and terms will vary depending on the software and company you hire. PatientPop uses its own software, which has led to frustrated clients. This also stems back to the reviews PatientPop has received that we previously discussed.

Upon hiring PatientPop, you are making an agreement with the company which states they have ownership of all rights to your website. This means they own the client’s medical website as opposed to the client taking full ownership of their medical website. Essentially, this means they own every word, creation, and detail of your website. Why does this matter? In the future, once a client’s agreement with PatientPop has expired, or if clients decide they would like to terminate their contract with PatientPop, PatientPop owns the website and has the right to fully take the website once you officially end your relationship with them. This doesn’t mean your domain is lost. However, PaitentPop can take your domain name as well if you purchased your domain name with them. Otherwise, if you hired PatientPop and already had ownership of your domain name and decide to leave PatientPop, you are left with your domain name and your domain name only. This means you would need to build a new website for your medical facility from scratch.

The idea of PatientPop having the power to delete the website of your medical business once your contract ends is alarming. Contrarily, online medical marketing teams, such as High Converting Media allow clients to take full ownership of their website. While we maintain and upgrade your website as needed, you own the website of your medical business. We utilize a safe and secure software known as WordPress to create and build medical websites. If clients decide they would like to discontinue their relationship with HCM, there will not be an issue transitioning to another marketing agency.

PatientPop vs HCM Website Design  

PatientPop has thousands of clients requesting a unique design for their medical websites. Due to the high volume of clients, employees focus on how many tasks they can complete, rather than the quality of the web design itself. PatientPop uses templates to design websites, meaning many of the designs are very similar in comparison. Additionally, some designs they create are messy and lack important information and character, causing web users to quickly exit the website and its pages. Below are websites that were created by PatientPop.

PatientPop doesn’t invest a lot of time into creating the design of its websites. Clients receive a dull design, lacking the look and feel of what the medical business represents. The colors throughout the website don’t correspond, which is unpleasant to the eyes. The colors within the picture provided don’t correspond with the background, and text colors. When a website lacks creativity and color coordination, users easily feel unmotivated to continue browsing the website.

The websites created by PatientPop have been recognized for their bright, unpleasant colors. On this website, there are several different distracting shades of green. Additionally, the website’s f0nt lacks individuality, with its common style.  The website lacks character and is too distracting to the eye.

This website created and designed by PatientPop also has a bright and disturbing color throughout the pages of its site. Minimal effort was put into creating the website. Instead of a unique and attention-grabbing design, the website is messy, aggressive, and overwhelming. Moreover, It has a lot of sections, words, and information within one page, which can easily lose the interest of potential clients.

Alternatively, HCM intensely focuses on the design of their client’s medical websites. After discussing web design goals, they make their client’s dreams come to life. HCM provides your medical business with a custom web design and carefully considers each component of the design. With a sleek, simple website design, users are more prone to browse your website and further investigate you and your medical facility. We take the time to ensure your website has all of the necessary information to ensure clients are receiving accurate, important information regarding your medical business. Let’s take a look at a medical website we designed.

On the homepage of this website, HCM provides users with a significant amount of information, without being too flashy or bombarding. Users are informed of the name, location, number, specialty, and achievements of the medical professional. The colors, font, layout, and design are simple and straight to the point.

Within the pages of the website created by HCM, a layout displays the areas the doctor focuses on. With simple, eye-capturing pictures and subtle text colors and fonts, users can navigate their way to the service they are most interested in. Additionally, while hovering over one of the areas of service, the picture is lightly coated with one of the website’s theme colors, providing an animated feel to users.

Pages throughout the website follow the same color theme and are clear, concise, and neatly structured. It is important that your web design is eye-capturing as users will easily become uninterested if it is not. Users develop opinions and create their own assumptions about you and your medical facility based on the way that your website is displayed. At High Converting Media, the founders work closely with clients to create a web design that meets their clients’ needs and expectations.

Website Content 

As mentioned, there are many elements of a website, all of which play a vital role in how well it will perform and reach its targeted audience. One main contributor to website exposure is the content that is displayed throughout the pages of your site. The content on your website is important because it gives your website the opportunity to reach a broad spectrum of people. The more content, the higher the chance of reaching potential patients. Though this may sound like an easy task, it is extremely time-consuming and requires a writer that is experienced and knowledgeable in both writing and the medical field of the business they are producing content for. Website content should be updated when necessary, and quality blog posts should be scheduled regularly. This increases the chance of reaching your targeted audience and the top pages of search engines.

Upon hiring PatientPop, they will explain that they provide their clients with both website content and blog post content. However, many of their clients have explained that the content they produce is of poor quality. Medical professionals have expressed their frustration with the content that PatientPop produces because of the following reasons:

  • Poor content is unproductive
  • The poor content that is published on websites represent the medical professional and their business
  • Requires additional work for the medical professional such as: overlooking, revising, editing, and sometimes even rewriting the entire piece of content
  • Becomes extremely time-consuming
  • Turns into a failed investment and loss of money
  • Medical professionals do not know who is writing their content and the experience they have in their expertise

Instead of investing in, and utilizing PatientPop as a resource, many medical professionals find they have invested a large sum of money for quality content and end up doing it themselves. Consider a team like MMN, which has experienced writers that communicate directly with you.

At HCM, we acknowledge the importance of quality, sufficient content. When working with HCM, you have your own personal writer whom you communicate with regularly to ensure you are satisfied with the content that is being produced. Furthermore, our content writers have experience in writing, medical, and health.

HCM vs PatientPop Costs

 Hiring an SEO company to enhance your medical website and marketing strategies can be a costly investment. However, investing in an online marketing agency could become a valuable source for your facility’s growth if you hire the right company. The right online marketing agency will:

  • Increase traffic
  • Improve visibility
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Convert clients
  • Measure analytics
  • Build your practice

HCM will discuss prices once you have shared more about your business, its website goals, and your expectations of our team. We do not sign long-term contracts. Instead, we charge on a month-to-month basis and determine a price based on your needs.

The prices of PatientPop vary. While some clients are charged at a cheap cost, others are charged at an expensive price. PatientPop has also mentioned that a price change may occur within the time of your contract. Depending on your contract, you are expected to pay each month for as long as the agreement states. Payment prices with PatientPop are not promised, and neither are results.


Choosing the right medical marketing agency is very important for the growth and success of your medical facility. Working with a marketing agency can either contribute to your business or hinder its goals. If you don’t mind an agency that runs your website based on their own preferences, time availability, and experience, then PatientPop may work for you and your medical facility. On the other hand, if you are interested in a medical marketing agency that is hands-on, personable, communicates directly with you as much as needed, creates a website tailored to your goals, and enhances SEO marketing strategies, then High Converting Media would be best for you.

After reviewing what High Converting Media and PatientPop offer, hopefully, you can decide which agency will best fit the needs of your medical facility. Consider a free analysis or meet with the founders of HCM to learn how we can better your website to increase website traffic, and clientele, and enhance your marketing strategies.

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